DIY your own bookmark or just buy one?

Bookmarks serve a crucial purpose in the reading experience, becoming loyal companions used repeatedly for various books. Apart from being utilitarian, they must also possess beauty, charm, and engagement, inspiring users to make frequent use of them. In this context, turning them into business cards by cramming them with information and special offers is a mistake. It's essential to resist the urge to fill every inch of space.

When designing a bookmark, there are two primary approaches: text-based or image-based. Creating a text-based bookmark requires careful consideration of colors, fonts, and sizing to achieve the desired visual impact. Simplicity and consistency with the overall project are key guidelines to follow.

On the other hand, image-based bookmarks are more prevalent, but their originality and recognizability can pose challenges. They may feature famous paintings, graphic designs, illustrations, drawings, or photos. However, crafting them in a vertical, narrow strip format can make finding the right image or cropping technique challenging. The key to success lies in persistent experimentation and printing several draft versions to determine the most effective image or cropping style.

To produce a standout bookmark, creativity and imagination are essential. Merely incorporating a logo or employing a skilled illustrator's drawing won't suffice. Designers often explore innovative ways to redefine bookmarks' role within a book or experiment with their placement within the pages.

In conclusion, bookmarks offer immense opportunities for graphic and image manipulation. Whether employed for self-promotion, client engagement, information dissemination, or increasing awareness, the key is to make them captivating. Whether they are amusing, intelligent, visually stunning, or quirky, bookmarks can become a pivotal marketing tool in various promotional campaigns, enhancing visibility, and leaving a lasting impression.

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