Washi Tape Bookmarks

Bookmarks are just one of the many practical yet imaginative usages for washi tape.

Whether you're noting your place in guide you're presently checking out, flagging a page in your notes to recommendation later on, or adding areas to your planner or journal to remain organized, washi tape book markings been available in numerous kinds.

Here are our top 3 preferred concepts that you can attempt today!

1. The Page Flag

This is a timeless washi tape page marker for journalers. It's as simple as it obtains!

All you'll need is:
1. your favourite washi tape.
2. a web page you intend to mark.

That's it! Merely slit or cut a tiny section of tape, stick it on the edge of your page, and fold it over itself so it tapes down on the other side.

You've currently obtained a vibrant page bookmark that sticks out.

2. The Corner Bookmark

The corner bookmark has its origins in origami and paper crafts, however washi tape can take it to the following level. It's so fun as well as simple that you can make lots of these as well as provide as gifts to the book lovers in your life, as well!

What you'll require:
1. A square piece of paper (you can cut any kind of paper into a square by folding the edge down).
2. An one-of-a-kind washi tape - for this set, you can try picking a motif particular to guide or category you're reading!
3. Some craft adhesive or paper adhesive.
4. Scissors.

1. Fold your square paper diagonally to create a triangular. Unfold as well as repeat so you form an "X" with your folds through the edges of the square.
Use scissors to cut out among the triangles created by the creases, cutting along the fold as a guide.
2. Usage washi tape to embellish one side of your paper. You can try a striped pattern, or select a solid pattern for the entire bookmark!
3. Fold up both flaps on either side of the empty space over each other, so you have a triangle that can slide over top of a web page.
4. Glue the two flaps to every various other.

3. The Decorative Bookmark

You'll require:
1. Plain white paper. If you want a tougher book mark, choose a cardstock or larger weight paper.
2. Washi tape.
3. Scissors.
4. A hole strike.
5. Bow or string.

To make a decorative bookmark, removed a shape into your paper, and decorate making use of the washi tape you have actually picked! After that use your hole strike to make a hole near the top, where you can string ribbon or string so that your book marking stands out of your book when it's shut.

Which of these suggestions are you mosting likely to try following? Do you have another creative bookmark-making suggestion? Share it with us in the remarks!