20 Tips for Making the Most of Your Metal Bookmarks

When you need to mark the pages you have read, metal bookmarks are a very practical tool. They are sturdy, beautiful, and can be used for a long time. In this blog, we will share 20 tips to help you better use and protect your metal bookmarks.

1. Choose the right size for your book: Metal bookmarks come in different sizes. Make sure to choose a bookmark that fits the size of your book to better prevent the bookmark from falling off or damaging the book pages.
2. Don't bend the bookmark: Don't try to bend or force the bookmark to fit the page edge. This may damage the bookmark and may damage the paper.
3. Don't fold when storing: When storing bookmarks in a beautiful box or when categorizing them, do not fold them along the center or squeeze them together.
4. Put adjacent pages instead of too tight: Place bookmarks between adjacent book pages, not too tight or loose. This can prevent bookmarks from slipping or damaging pages.
5. Avoid using crayons: Do not use crayons or other markers to mark pages, as this can make pages dirty. Instead, use metal bookmarks to mark the page number.

6. Wipe the bookmark with a soft cloth: Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the bookmark to keep it beautiful, dust-free, and oil-free. Sometimes there may be deposits on bookmarks that can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
7. Avoid using metal cleaners: Do not use any chemical cleaning agents that can damage the metal surface.
8. Avoid exposing the bookmark to sunlight: If your bookmark is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the metal may oxidize and fade. Therefore, try to avoid placing bookmarks in direct sunlight.
9. Use stable metal: If you use bookmarks frequently, please choose stable metal that is not easy to deform to keep the bookmark beautiful and sturdy.
10. Don't use too much glue: Don't use too much glue or tape, which can avoid passing glue to the page, yellowing, or sticking together. Choosing bookmarks without glue is better.

11. Don't put the bookmark with stationery: Do not store bookmarks with pens, pencils, or other stationery. This can damage the surface of the bookmark and form oxidation.
12. Keep the pages dry: Moisturized book pages will reduce the adhesion of bookmarks, so you should try to avoid using bookmarks in humid environments.
13. Don't put in high or low temperature areas: Metal bookmarks should be avoided from being exposed to extremely high or low temperatures for a long time, which can avoid damaging the bookmark and causing deformation.
14. Don't put it in your pocket: Do not put metal bookmarks in your pocket, which can accelerate the oxidation process of the metal and cause the bookmark to discolor.
15. Avoid using under heavy pressure: Metal bookmarks are not as soft as paper, so avoid using them under heavy pressure, otherwise, deformation may occur.

16. Store an eraser pad: Gravity is indeed to blame, so place an eraser pad under the bookmark so that the bookmark will not damage the book pages.
17. Avoid getting in touch with cosmetics: Do not use metal bookmarks after makeup, as residual cosmetics and grease may corrode the metal surface.
18. Be careful to avoid collision: Be careful to avoid collision of metal bookmarks with hard objects such as keys and mobile phones, as this may cause scratches, wear or deformation.
19. Don't try to bend it back: If you accidentally bend the bookmark, do not try to bend it back or bend it into an accurate shape, as this may damage the bookmark.
20. Replace worn bookmarks in time: If the metal bookmark becomes worn or unsightly, it should be replaced in time to maintain the beauty and service life of the book.

In summary, metal bookmarks are a very useful tool, but they need to be carefully maintained and used to last. We hope these tips will help you better use and protect your metal bookmarks.