20 Tips for Paper Bookmarks

When reading a good book, it can be a treasure in life. It may accompany you during times of leisure or keep you company during a long journey. Do you ever find yourself struggling to find the first page or scanning through the whole page trying to find the last paragraph? A paper bookmark comes in handy. Here are 20 small tips to help you create cute and useful paper bookmarks.

  • Choose the right size The size of the paper bookmark should fit your book. It cannot be too big or it will occupy too much space, nor too small or it may fall out. The appropriate size is between 2×6 inches to 2×8 inches.
  • Choose the right material The material of the paper bookmark should be soft to avoid damaging the pages. When choosing materials, paper and cloth are both good choices, while leather is not very suitable.
  • Choose appropriate color and pattern The color and pattern should be related to the book. For example, if you're reading a book about colorful life, you can use bright colors or interesting patterns.
  • Choose the right shape The shape of the paper bookmark can be rectangular, circular, star-shaped, or any other shape you can imagine. When choosing the shape, make sure it can be inserted into the page.
  • Try DIY Handmade paper bookmarks can make you more free, and you can try adding flowers, hearts, etc. to make them more personalized.

  • Use a stamp Choose a beautiful stamp and apply it to the paper bookmark. This will give the bookmark some extra texture and beauty.
  • Try different materials When making paper bookmarks, you can try using other materials such as metal, wood or plastic.
  • Associate bookmarks with books You can consider using bookmarks in the shape of a bookshelf, which can be associated with the book and bring some fun.
  • Add text You can add a beautiful text to the bookmark, such as a famous quote, a poem, or a warning.
  • Little accessories can enhance the overall effect Try adding some additional small accessories to the bookmark, such as tassels, bows, or beads.

  • Match bookmarks with books For each book, make a different paper bookmark, and match the bookmark color, pattern, and shape with the book.
  • Use high-quality materials Using high-quality paper or fabric can make bookmarks more durable, which means you can use them in multiple books.
  • Make bookmarks flexible with layered paper Try stacking two or more different colored or patterned papers together to make the bookmark more durable.
  • Use insulation tape Insulation tape can neatly shape the edges of bookmarks, making them more beautiful and durable.
  • Insert pictures or photos on bookmarks Print your favorite picture or photo on the bookmark, so every time you flip the book, you'll remember that beautiful moment.

  • Add buttons to bookmarks Adding a small button to the bookmark can make it more beautiful and interesting, and relate to the book.

  • Make multi-layer bookmarks You can stitch together several different colored and shaped bookmarks to make it more interesting when used together.

  • Embedded bookmarks Make an embedded paper bookmark to keep your notes and ideas in the book.

  • Add lace Add a beautiful lace to the edge of the bookmark to make it more beautiful and interesting.

  • Highlight the theme Insert some colored illustrations into the paper bookmark to highlight the book's theme, which makes it more relevant and memorable.

How to make a paper bookmark depends on your imagination and personality. From simple rectangular bookmarks to exquisite stamps and bookmarks with small decorations, you can create all sorts of bookmarks to make them an important part of your reading experience.